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Connect to your customers seamlessly with our rail, road and barge solutions.

Navigate European markets with our rail, road and barge solutions

While coordinating logistics with multiple vendors, one small hiccup can quickly cascade through your entire supply chain, leaving your goods stranded for days. In this situation, how can you keep your goods moving as planned?

Move your cargo anywhere in the world with fewer vendor handovers. Utilise Maersk's integrated road, rail and barge services throughout Europe, whether on the import or export leg of the journey. This provides your supply chain with the flexibility needed to deliver your goods on time.

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Reduce your supply chain’s environmental impact with our carbon-efficient solutions. Use the most sustainable modes of transportation to move your containerized goods from ocean ports to distribution centres, warehouses and finally to your customers. Collaborate directly with us to build solutions that meet all your sustainability goals while also supporting you in reaching your markets efficiently.

Working together to find the right inland solution

In order to carry cargo both inside and outside Europe, there is an increasing need for efficient inland transportation. Consequently, it is essential to have visibility throughout the supply chain. Less suppliers, greater data integration and bespoke solutions make this easier to achieve. Maersk's road, rail, and barge transport solutions can offer all these things.

Watch the video to see Chris Moss, European Head of Transported by Maersk discuss the how we can collaborate to find the best inland transportation option for you.

Why integrate with us?

Give your inland supply chain the reach and agility it needs to work around day-to-day disruptions.

Better connectivity

With our inland freight service network covering all of Europe, you can reach any corner of the region with a single logistics partner. 

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Choose from our road, rail and barge network and use different modes of transport for one journey, based on your specific needs.


Benefit from carbon-friendly transportation options by using green trucking and e-train corridors.

Get back on track in Europe with rail transport

After experiencing a decrease in their market share over the last few decades, the logistics industry is shifting back to rail. While this brings many new possibilities, it doesn’t come without difficulties.

Our e-book, Back on track: The pros and pros of rail in European logistics, brings together Christian Carstensson Olesen, Global Product Owner of Cross Border Transportation at Maersk and Chris Moss, Head of Transported by Maersk Europe, to discuss the current state of the European rail transportation sector.

It also explores the biggest challenges faced by brands transporting cargo across Europe, why rail is vital to overcoming them and how Maersk is at the forefront of driving this progress.

Rear view of a worker in protective gear walking towards Maersk containers carrying inland rail cargo.

Lowering your inland supply chain’s GHG emissions

At a time when sustainability is one of the top business priorities, road freight continues to constitute the highest proportion of overall transport emissions in Europe. That’s why, it’s more crucial than ever before to find alternative modes of inland transport like rail and barge. While rail emits 90% less GHG emissions per ton km than road, barge transport is rapidly growing across the world.

Learn more about decarbonising your inland supply chain.

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