Cold Chain Logistics in Europe

Unique needs deserve unique solutions.

Fruit and vegetable industry - What to expect in 2024

Explore key challenges of fruit and veg industry in 2024, from climate change to consumer preferences and discover strategies for resilience and sustainability.


Unbroken Cold Chain: Freshness & quality throughout the journey

Discover the essential ingredient behind Europe’s culinary delights – an unbroken cold chain for fresh produce.

At Maersk, we ensure fresh and high-quality products for your customers through our reliable cold chain logistics. Our flexible, sustainable, and real-time tracking approach helps you maintain optimal product condition throughout the journey.

Solve your supply chain challenges with us - tackle disruptions, equipment shortage, climate change, and Brexit regulations. Secure an unbroken cold chain for your unique, fresh, and frozen goods. Unlock reliable quantity and uncompromised quality in produce deliveries.

The future of fresh

The Maersk Advantage in Europe

Flexible Logistics Solutions

Customised solutions

In Europe, we blend local cold chain expertise and a diverse integrated portfolio to create the ideal cold chain for your cargo. Access our extensive cold storage network, integrated services, and prioritize your cargo's journey with local customs support and inland transportation.

Cold Stores Truck

Local expertise

We understand the unique needs of your fresh produce. Our local experts possess in-depth knowledge of your market and commodities, ensuring an unbroken cold chain and faster market access while driving optimisation.

Customer care

One trustful partner

We care about your cargo. With our dedicated support team and wide range of integrated cold chain solutions, we go all the way with you, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient journey for your cargo.

Cold Stores

Integrated cold storage network

Leverage our large integrated network of cold storage to reach your strategic market in Europe. Our owned and 3rd parties’ cold storage locations are strategically positioned for faster market access and seamless movement of your produce. You can benefit from a large portfolio of in-house related services and connect your entire cold chain journey with end-to-end solutions built around this network.

Why partner with us?

Your cargo deserves the utmost care and an unbroken cold chain from origin to destination. To achieve this and ensure the timely and pristine delivery of your fresh produce, you need a reliable partner who can seamlessly connect every element of your supply chain.

As your partner, we not only ensure the perfect condition of your goods but also provide insightful data to identify new market opportunities and facilitate precise, careful and controlled movement of your goods.

Case study

Fresh from Turkey - A Gülbudak and Maersk collaboration

What began as a quest to preserve the crispness of apples turned into a thriving partnership between Gülbudak and Maersk, fuelled by cutting-edge cold chain innovations. Discover the story behind this fruitful collaboration.

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