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Winning in the lifestyle business demands that you constantly think of new ways to stay ahead of the curve. You must forge new paths to open up a world in which inventory can be optimised while keeping the supply chain responsive and sustainable.

Industry overview

The lifestyle industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Trends get formed in a day, putting the pressure on brands like you to keep up with them. Social media has not only put the end consumer in control, it now has the power to dictate demands. This has made it imperative for brands to fight out a constant battle of staying relevant.

In addition to this, you need to be aware of the other key driving factors that define your industry today. You must be present across multiple channels, craft strategies for sustainability, reach the market on time, and predict what your next move should be.

Under these circumstances, no matter how successful you’ve been in the past, your way of work needs to evolve continuously. For you, the ideal supply chain has an end-to-end logistics partner with the capability to customise solutions as per the changing demands in an agile and reliable way. Such a partner can support your on-demand production cycles, make sure that your product reaches the market on time, add to your technological capabilities, and provide insights to prepare you for every new wave.

We understand that these are the strong characteristics for your industry:

Customer Centricity
Addressing customer demands
Creating a demand-driven supply chain to cater to what the customer wants
Omnichannel ready
You need to build your presence across all channels - from e-Commerce to retail outlets
Increased sustainability
It’s now imperative to have clear sustainability strategies in place more than ever
Efficiency with predictability
Adopting technological capabilities to anticipate your next move
Faster to market reach
Crafting solutions that enable your collections to hit the shelves on time

And we are here with a partnership that lets you build a resilient supply chain irrespective of those continuous disruptions.

VF Corporation: Moving at a digital speed

With consumer demand patterns moving at digital speed, the lifestyle industry is adapting to these challenges by embracing digital transformation to become more agile and responsive to the latest trends. VF Corporation has long been at the forefront of digitalisation. Listen to 3 senior leaders from VF Corporation to learn how digitalisation has empowered every aspect of their business, from meeting consumer demands to optimising product flow, ultimately fuelling growth.

Digitalising your lifestyle supply chain: Insights from an Economist Impact report

To keep up with constantly changing market trends and consumer demands, fashion and lifestyle brands need to strengthen their digital capabilities. Although, cost and time stand as barriers, in the long run, digital transformation will help optimize costs and save time, enabling business growth. 

The Economist Impact briefing paper, Decoding dilemmas: Overcoming short-term digitalisation challenges is critical to lifestyle companies’ long-term survival, based on a global survey of executives from lifestyle companies and expert interviews, lays out practical solutions to boost supply chain innovation and digitalisation within lifestyle.

Digitalising your lifestyle

Global Fashion Summit: From Ambition to Action

Lifestyle and fashion companies are continuously seeking opportunities to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Collaboration between fashion companies and their logistics providers is key to accelerating decarbonisation.

As clearly stated by Federica Marchionni, CEO of Global Fashion Agenda, the goal is to inspire, mobilise and advocate for more sustainable practices in the Fashion industry. Listen to global fashion experts as they collaborate with Maersk to co-create initiatives and strategies to lower their CO2e emissions within logistics on their journey to achieve net-zero ambitions.

VF Corporation and Maersk: Collaborating towards net zero

In order to achieve net-zero emissions, lifestyle and fashion brands are more committed to decarbonising their supply chains than ever before. As they strive for a more sustainable future for their supply chain and logistics, VF Corporation is collaborating with like-minded industry leaders such as Maersk, who share the same dedication to decarbonisation.

Listen to Jeannie Renne-Malone, Vice President of Global Sustainability at VF Corporation, as she sheds light on sustainability ambitions, practises and the importance of collaborating with Maersk within logistics to decarbonise their supply chain.

Stitching together a digitalised supply chain

At every turn, innovations in digitalisation can be employed for greater optimisation in lifestyle supply chains. From ethical sourcing and production to sustainable ecommerce fulfilment and exciting in-store experiences, all lifestyle companies can benefit from integrating digitalisation into their supply chains.

The first e-book in the three-part series, Threading the digital needle, illustrates how digitalisation can uncover new opportunities within sourcing, lowering waste with traceability and demand forecasting.

woman on phone in dark hallway

Informed capacity planning, powered by automation

Without automation, managing peak season demand would not be possible.
The partnership between Macy’s and Maersk is a proven example where automation helped in creating the flexibility to take last-minute decisions during the peak of holiday rush.

Together in the journey of sustainability

Prioritising sustainability within supply chains is becoming increasingly critical for the Lifestyle & Fashion industry—with the H&M Group, one of the major fashion retailers in the world, as a leading example.

The long-term vision of the H&M Group is a fossil-free supply chain and the collaboration with Maersk is critical to achieving that through solutions like green ECO delivery, intermodal transportation like electric rail and biofuel trucking with 90% CO2 reduction, and warehouses in Asia with solar panels. Get a glimpse of how this collaboration is making a true impact.

A sustainable future for the lifestyle industry

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental concerns and prefer brands that champion sustainability. Hence, catering to this consumer pool is now one of the biggest drivers of sustainability in the lifestyle sector, according to Josue Alzamora, Global Head of Lifestyle Vertical at Maersk. He also sheds light on how sustainability cannot transpire in isolation—brands that understand the importance of collaboration will be able to have a significant impact on the sustainability agenda.

Read our report, Maersk Fashionably Sustainable, for more on how fashion brands can best approach the idea of sustainable supply chains.

Embrace change with confidence

Today, your business isn’t just dealing with change within the lifestyle industry. It is also trying to manoeuvre a bumpy geopolitical landscape and a possible slowdown in the global economy. In such times, there has been a massive shift in the demand dynamics of your industry. The need for you to keep an updated and fresh collection as per these consumer and social media demands is critical to ensure business continuity.

With so many variables, you need a partnership that enables you to keep your global trade moving. Here’s how our supply chain strategies can help you:

Short-term solutions to address immediate disruptions

  • Securing inventory and managing the ramp-down and ramp-up of supply chains
  • Optimising cash flow to mitigate risks

Mid-term solutions for risk management

  • Rebalancing your supply chain to broaden your supplier base
  • Building digital strategies to keep up with the changing demand and supply

Long-term solutions to stay relevant

  • Better end-to-end supply chain visibility for increased flexibility and resilience
  • Adapting your supply chain for long-term requirements of environmental sustainability

A result-oriented partnership

With our supply chain solutions, you get to experience real results to fuel your growth continuously to have an edge over your competition at all times.

  • Industry focus
    The largest container carrier of all transport modes with emphasis on the lifestyle vertical
  • End-to-end solutions
    Improve cargo flows and financials with solutions that focus on every aspect of your business
  • Extensive experience
    Proven supply chain solutions for more than half the top global lifestyle companies  
  • Strategic approach
    Get an outside-in view and market insights inspiring you to keep evolving your supply chain
  • Technological capabilities
    Incorporate sophisticated technology and digital enhancements to stay ahead of the curve

”The consumer psyche is changing fast. Technology leaders such as Amazon, Uber, Netflix and Deliveroo have raised customer expectations in terms of speed and convenience.”

McKinsey and BOF
The State of Fashion 2019

Made for Change is the underpinning of our current actions and future aspirations. It details how we are fusing our focus on growth, value creation, and innovation with our steadfast commitment to lead our industry into a more sustainable future.

Steve Rendle, Chairman and CEO VF Corp. 2018
Apparel Insider

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