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Your complete supply chain management solution.

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Maersk NeoNav™ - where intelligence meets insights - is designed to integrate a wide range of information from various sources across your supply chain, including your platforms and players, digital and physical worlds.

Say 'hello' to the all-new fully loaded Maersk NeoNav™. A next-level solution for enabling complete logistics visibility, control, and decision making.

It’s intelligent and intuitive

Let data intelligence and expertise optimise your future supply chain.
Better transparency

Driven by control tower professionals, process expertise and large crowd-source ecosystem, NeoNav™ integrates all trading partners and data in one closed-loop to drive predictive visibility and traceability.

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Better connectivity

This means that you can now connect all existing business processes and relevant supply chain systems to create one supply chain reality with this next generation 4PL+ solution. In real-time, from end-to-end, and with the expert touch of our team.

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Better decision-making

Choose from our wide suite of capabilities designed to drive business outcomes through your supply chain. We help you make informed decisions on-the-fly with our expertise and support. At every link in your supply chain.


From enjoying better visibility and optimising your inventory flow, to collaborating your purchase orders and forecasting your cargo demands, get all of it done under one platform.

See through your supply chain

Enjoy a panoramic view of your end-to-end logistics.

Get a complete overview of all the links that make up your supply chain. Maersk NeoNav™ provides you with actionable insights by integrating the information of your logistics - across people, players, and platforms- all in an easy-to-use platform.

Be it milestone prediction, visibility into PO/SKU levels, calculation and identification of incidents that would impact your supply chain, you can rest assured that bytes of data turn into pearls of insights. We help make informed decisions on-the-go, in real time.

See through your supply chain

Streamline your inventory

Control the flow of your goods, be it upstream or downstream.

The Maersk NeoNav™ dashboard gives you control of your inventory flow. Power-packed with the ability to integrate your inventory data across multiple systems and sources, creating a holistic view across all inventory locations, this solution empowers you to deliver your products to the right people, at the right time, at the right place.

Monitor inventory projections based on orders that are already placed, as well as the ones that are in transit.

Streamline your inventory

Collaborate your purchase orders

Multiply your productivity by automating procure-to-pay.

Bid goodbye to the cumbersome paperwork involved in purchase order negotiation. Maersk NeoNav™ helps you automate it by carefully considering the projected inventory and stock levels across your entire supply chain.

Furthermore, with an efficient vendor performance management tool, we collaborate the purchase orders between you and your suppliers with the greatest of ease. This means that all your scattered information can be turned into actionable insights for quicker decision making.

Collaborate your purchase orders

Forecast your demand

Minimise stock-out risks with accurate predictions.

Calculate your upstream resource needs based on downstream demand. Our intelligent demand prediction matrix helps you minimise and mitigate the risk of overstocking and understocking cargo, thereby optimising space and costs.

Maersk NeoNav™ empowers you to do that by integrating both external and internal data using advanced analytics and machine learning. This way, you’re always prepared for the inventory level needed to serve your customers better and enhance brand loyalty.

Forecast your demand

Deliver better to your customer

Maximise predictability to optimise working capital.

Efficiency is here to stay. Leverage the power of Maersk NeoNav™’s root cause analysis. Uncover internal and external disruptions that have potentially held your logistics from moving forward. Whether it is sudden demand fluctuations, or supplier under performance.

Ensure that your stock levels are always optimised with the right kind of scenario planning. Maersk NeoNav™ helps you do that by providing you with key information at the right time, so you can make informed decisions on-the-fly.

Deliver better to your customer

The business outcomes

With Maersk NeoNav™, you'll enjoy better visibility, control, and decision making.
Revenue Growth
Up to 1%
 Revenue Growth
Inventory Reduction
5 to 30%
Inventory Reduction
Containers loaded
Up to 2%
Cost-of-Goods-Sold Reduction
Up to 20%
Carbon Emission Reduction
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5 to 15%
Perfect Order Improvement
Improved Transit Time Reliability
50 to 75%
Reduced Expanding Cost
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5 to 20%
Reduced Transportation Spend

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