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On-time delivery is everything in the FMCG business. In a world that is witnessing disruptions, raw material shortages and increasing costs, it is critical for the FMCG supply chain to be efficient, resilient and agile. Discover new paths with an integrated logistics solution. One that optimises your FMCG supply chain and is also mindful of the environment.

Industry overview

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) form one of the largest industries worldwide. From our morning showers with a jojoba shampoo to our oats and fruit breakfast, or office outings at a local pub or snacks at a street vendor – our worlds spin around consumer goods.

The industry today is constantly being disrupted by ever-changing consumer preferences and new technologies. Customers demand innovative products, which means producing a wider range of goods at higher volumes quickly. In developing markets, consumers are also spending more, which raises the call for an expanded supply chain.

According to Allied Market Research, the global FMCG market is predicted to reach $15,361.8 billion by 2025, growing at an incredible 5.4% in the next five years. New avenues providing greater business opportunities. Research from Statista also shows that eCommerce is growing faster than traditional brick and mortar stores every year. Consumers are demanding new product offerings such as healthier and sustainable products, and this is expected to open new roads for FMCG players.

Maersk – an able partner

FMCG leaders from all over the world trust Maersk with their logistics because we understand the ins and outs of their operations. A dedicated in-house team of experts boosts our services by catering to every brand’s unique requirements. We specialise in several sub-verticals including Food, Beverages, Home Care, Personal Care, Tobacco, Cosmetics, Tissue and Hygiene Paper, and Consumer Packaging.

Our expertise in consumer packaged goods (CPG) supply chains helps build solutions tailored to your products and needs, by understanding the market and the change in consumer preferences.

Maersk an able partner
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Supply chain agility

  • Flexible solutions for the changing transportation and FMCG logistics needs.
  • Smaller shipments more direct and focused on quicker reactions.
  • Alternative transport modes to support the global supply and demand changes are required to secure speed to market and to reduce the risk of delays.
  • Regionalisation of supply and demand, with FMCG companies shifting their sourcing areas to markets where products are manufactured and sold.
  • The concentration of providers means that FMCG companies need to work closely with their business partners to achieve their overall goals.
Supply chain technology

Rise of supply chain technology

  • Data-driven supply chain optimization through real-time visibility and cloud-based solutions.
  • End-to-end data visibility facilitating decision-making processes.
  • Transformation of traditional supply chains by the Industrial Revolution 4.0 with advanced robotics, autonomous technology systems and additive manufacturing.
Sustainability focus

Sustainability focus is increasing

  • Visibility into the most environmentally friendly transport and logistics options.
  • Expertise and advice to support the sustainability agenda.
  • More focus on reducing plastic and waste in the FMCG supply chain.
  • Emphasis on compliance on environmental and ethical production choices and increasing the customers’ awareness through sustainability labels.

Opportunities and challenges in integrating sustainability into FMCG supply chains

At a time when sustainable solutions are the need of the hour, it is imperative for your FMCG supply chain to control its carbon emissions. Achieving visibility of supply chains is essential for implementation and monitoring of your sustainability metrics.

Read The Economist Impact report to find out how collaborating with your logistics partner can make your sustainability journey smoother.

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Adding value to our customers

With Maersk as your partner, take advantage of our deep understanding of the FMCG industry to build a more efficient supply chain.

We focus on offering agile solutions characterised by safety and digital innovation, led by a global team of highly talented logistics professionals.

FMCG supply chain management

Changes in lifestyle majorly drives the growth of the FMCG market. Moreover, increase in global population, growth in awareness of FMCG products, frequent launches of new products, and effective advertisement of the FMCG brands are the other factors that boost the growth of the global fast moving consumer goods market.

- Allied Market Research

Breaking down the layers of Party Logistics

As the debate between the different “PL” or party logistics continues, it may often get confusing to differentiate the various levels. Outsourcing logistics operations is essential for FMCG companies. An-in-house logistics department may be cost-effective but takes away time and focus from your main priority – your business.

The right PL can help simplify your supply chain, lower costs and overcome coordination and visibility challenges. Here, we are taking the example of a dairy producer, Jake, to see how the different PLs impact his supply chain:

Party logistics

Overcoming the hiccups of a new partnership

The right logistics partnership can do wonders, not just for a supply chain but also for the teething problems of a new joint venture. See how we joined hands with an Early Life Nutrition brand to make sure that their new business found a strong foothold in the Asia Pacific right from the get-go.

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