Cross Border Rail Transportation

Get reliable, economical and sustainable international rail connectivity within and across continents and countries.

Keep your cargo journey on track

The Cross Border Rail Transportation service from Maersk is an extensive network of international railroads connected through terminals located across countries and continents.

With this service, along with a seamless cross-border reach, your cargo also gets an expansive geographical footprint along coastal lines and inland regions. Through Maersk’s global presence, you get the convenience of an integrated logistics portfolio that manages cargo journeys end to end, without any follow-ups.

Having connections worldwide can be a hassle, that’s why a single point of contact handles all the documentation and provides regular key milestone updates until your cargo reaches its destination.

Cross Border Rail Transportation

All over Asia, Europe and in-between

Cross Border Rail Transportation services expands your coverage across several different markets within Asia, Europe and in between both the continents.

  • Asia to and from Europe, including Southeast and Northeast Asia to Europe
  • Southeast Asia to and from China
  • Central Asia to and from China
  • Turkey to and from Central, Northern Europe and Nordics
  • Western Mediterranean to and from Continental Europe
  • Central Asia to and from Europe
Cross Border Rail Transportation

Key benefits

In a connected world, where buyer behaviour changes every day, Cross Border Rail Transportation offers a reliable way of delivering your cargo to time-sensitive markets.
Eco-friendly and sustainable

Railway is an environment-friendly mode of transport that contributes to significantly low CO2 emissions. It also frees up roads by reducing highway congestion.

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Agile and flexible

A dense rail network connects your cargo directly to the hinterlands and populated areas alike. With the additional convenience of frequent departures, you can reroute your shipments on the go.

Reliable arrival and departures

The service comes with the option of commitment of guaranteed loading. It also helps you avoid traffic bans for timely delivery of goods.

Easy pricing
Lower cost of goods to market
Since rail transport carries large volumes of cargo in one go, it reduces working capital, leading to savings over a period.

Key services

The Cross Border Rail Transportation service is available in two variants, according to distinct volume-related requirements: block train and single rail container.

Block train

The block train product requires booking of a full train under one booking, with a minimum of 41 containers and a maximum of 50 containers per train.

How it benefits you:

  • Allows large-volume transport at once
  • Predictable transit time
  • Utilises optimised routes
  • Containerization

    Single rail container

    Under the single rail container service, you can book full container loads individually. It comes with the option of door-to-door service, which includes trucking from your factory to rail ramp and delivery from destination rail ramp to your warehouse.

    How it benefits you:

  • Multiple weekly departures
  • No minimum volume requirement
  • Single Container

    Maersk launches a revamped Middle Corridor rail service

    In response to customers’ ever-changing supply chain needs in the current extraordinary times, Maersk introduces a new rail-sea offer connecting Asia to Europe through Central Asia.

    Copenhagen: Departing from various locations in China, a new A.P. Moller - Maersk (Maersk) service connects China and Europe via Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Romania in about 40 days.

    Cross Border Rail Transportation

    Permitted commodities

    Rail transportation regulations prohibit some cargo types. Make sure yours is compliant.

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