Maersk Cargo Insurance

Take no chances. Get comprehensive cover for your cargo through Maersk Cargo Insurance, provided by Zurich Insurance.

Comprehensive coverage

When it comes to supply chain, you know that sometimes the smallest oversight can manifest into the biggest threat. These risks can damage your cargo at any time, at any step of its journey, from source to destination.

That’s why, your cargo deserves nothing but the best insurance solution in the market. An insurance policy that will cover most types of cargo, from door to door with greater ease of not just buying it, but also processing it.

Maersk Cargo Insurance provided by Zurich Insurance is our sought-after comprehensive insurance offering that is created to compensate for loss or damage to your cargo. In case of thefts, natural disasters or accidents. All with a single click.

One solution. Many benefits.

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Best of both worlds

Designed to protect your cargo, this offering is brought to you by Maersk and Zurich Insurance. This means that you can be sure that your cargo will now enjoy the synergy of world-class logistics and insurance solutions.

Peace of mind
Hello peace of mind

Your cargo can be exposed to various risks while in the normal course of transit. Be it theft, natural disasters, or accidents, we can provide comprehensive coverage to our world leading suite of supply chain services. Maersk Cargo Insurance protects your cargo from a wide range of losses and damages, so you can feel at ease.

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Broad range of commodities

When it comes to your business, we understand that every single cargo is important. That’s why, Maersk Cargo Insurance is available for a broad range of commodities, including many reefer products.

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End to end

When you do business with us, you can relax knowing that your shipment is insured: from door to door, and from departure to arrival. No matter the mode of transport or the carrier.

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Just one invoice

Maersk Cargo Insurance makes your life easier. By giving you the benefit of settling all your bills in one place with a single regular Maersk Freight Invoice.

It’s super simple

Completely integrated with our online booking portal, with Maersk Cargo Insurance, you can be sure that your cargo is covered throughout the entire supply chain with just a few clicks. It’s quick, easy, and convenient!

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Greater flexibility

Enjoy the option of choosing from 2 different types of contracting. Whether you wish to purchase your insurance per shipment’ or agree to have insurance included with every shipment upfront, we make purchasing your cargo insurance more convenient for you.

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Container Damage Liability Coverage

Use our containers knowing you are covered in the event of them being damaged while in your custody. Maersk Cargo Insurance covers damages worth more than USD 500, for dry cargo containers only.

Risks covered

  • Loss or damage during end-to-end transportation of cargo, regardless of transport supplier
  • General Average (GA)
  • War & strike risks
  • Almost all commodities, with a few exceptions in dry and refrigerated cargo
  • To & from any country that is not sanctioned
  • Container damage (above 500 USD for Maersk dry containers)

Please refer to terms and conditions for further details.

How to book

Click play and discover how to book Maersk Cargo Insurance online with a few simple clicks.

The choice is all yours:

  • Book per shipment
  • Sign a contract upfront

Frequently asked questions

Browse through some of our most raised questions on Maersk Cargo Insurance. We hope they give you more clarity on our comprehensive insurance solution and how we compensate in case of loss or damage to your cargo.

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Product Availability

Maersk Cargo Insurance is currently available for customers in Spain, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, France, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Poland.

All information is subject to terms and condition.