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Leverage the power of integrated data

Transporting goods in a digital era is all about having access to the right data at the right time, so your business can make quick and accurate decisions. Supply chain efficiency can dramatically improve with the ability to automate and exchange vital business data as it happens. Whether you’re developing a smart logistics product or making changes to your supply and distribution chains, innovation is best delivered through integrated data.

Maersk Data Integrations offer you a choice of solutions to integrate data from multiple sources across your supply chain, leveraging your ability to control your supply chain efficiencies while having complete visibility. We achieve this through API and EDI solutions.

  • Data Integration via APIs (Application Program Interface) helps create new, smart logistics products by combining digital data from Maersk applications and adopting it to enhance Maersk offerings.
  • EDIs (Electronic Data Interchange) help minimize or eliminate the manual processing of bulk data by allowing the direct transfer of critical data from one system to another.
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API or EDI – Which to choose

While both technologies offer you data exchange capabilities, API and EDI operate quite differently and therefore offer a wide variety of Integration Solutions that cater to your unique data needs.

API solutions

APIs are the future of data integrations and are capable of secure, fast data transmissions that can be used to automatically update your information in real time.

  • They are preferred for their ability to present accurate and error-free data with minimal manual intervention.
  • The data structure is simple and conforms to the DCSA standards aligning with other industry players, making the integration process more streamlined across your supply chain.
  • APIs typically do not require the investment of middleware applications, EDI vendors or specialized technical resources familiar with legacy EDI.

The use of Maersk APIs creates opportunities for the consumer to create powerful products using multiple endpoints for one process, enabling new digital value propositions compared to existing data sets.

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EDI solutions

EDI solutions have, over the years, become the go-to integrated data solution. Many companies operating on legacy technology prefer these standards to integrate efficiently with one or more of our EDI solutions.

  • These reliable solutions offer security and automation to obtain critical data in near real time while offering the ability to transfer bulk or heavy data between partner systems and applications.

EDI Integrated Solutions also enable similar key data to be transferred directly back and forth, which eliminates manual processing, reduces the risk of errors, and accelerates business processes. Ultimately enabling critical decisions to be taken surrounding your supply chain.

A young woman using their laptop to explore EDI solutions.

Understanding the difference

API and EDI data integration solutions are designed to streamline your business data needs. The difference between them is how they go about achieving the results you need.

Features API (Application Programming Interface) EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Cloud based
Data is accessed through a software interface.

File based
Data is stored in a file on premise between two parties. Different standard formats e.g. SFTP and AS2.


Bidirectional communication
Data can be sent and received simultaneously so that any connected system can read/write if permitted.

One-way communication
Information can only be sent from the sender to the receiver. Only the receiver can read/write.


Real-time data exchange
Data can be updated instantly and synchronously between multiple systems.

Data is updated and sent asynchronously. The receiver sees a snapshot in time.


Individual transactions
Each transaction can be handled as an individual request so that errors don’t often impact other requests.

Batch data
Updates to individual records are submitted together which creates dependencies.


One-to-Many connections
APIs can use the same infrastructure to connect many different partners. Connections can be set up within days via Maersk Developer Portal (

One-to-One connections
EDI Data Integrations typically connect a single partner with coding/testing, thus setup can take up to a few months per connection.

Take advantage of integrated solutions

Don’t guess. Decide and make integration decisions that give you confidence and control of your supply chain. Drive innovation and create opportunities by collaborating with us through Maersk Data Integration offerings. Easily plug integration capabilities into your existing workflows and processes to unleash the power of information specific to your unique business.

Faster real time pictogram
Faster real-time data exchange
Speeds up access to data that helps with making quicker and more informed decisions.
Data automation pictogram
Data automation capabilities
Automatically synchronizes the sharing of data across applications, speeding up business processes.
Easy implementation pictogram
Easy implementation
Benefit from an easy and streamlined implementation process that integrates smoothly with your existing business systems.
Reduce risk pictogram
Reduces risk of errors
Direct and secure exchange of information with minimal manual processes drastically reduces the possibility of errors.
Integrate data pictogram
Integrate data end to end
Can be set up to exchange data and information across your entire supply chain journey connecting services from booking to customs, shipping, warehousing, inland transportation, and final delivery.
Save on costs pictogram
Save on costs
Reduces administration costs and increases productivity by enabling you to concentrate on macro aspects of the business.

Maersk Developer Portal

Meet the key to your business's digital enablement. Maersk Developer is a self-service portal that allows you to create applications to use the available data within your systems. This is achieved by connecting your business systems in one digital network, giving you access to data sharing opportunities, supporting your automation growth and enabling you to have more control over your supply chain.

In the process of project implementation, your team communicates and explores the user experience and business support effectively, resolves the difficulties encountered conscientiously, and ensures the normal use of the project docked with your EDI
— Worldex Logistics

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