Navigating Brexit uncertainty together

Ensure your supply chain is prepared for what happens next.

New Brexit challenges and opportunities they unfold

The Trade and Cooperation Agreement will go down in history as a remarkable undertaking. This is the first time such a comprehensive agreement has been concluded between the EU and another country in such a short span of time. The Agreement has triggered businesses to embrace alternative supply chain models, accelerating positive change across the logistics industry.

However, trade through the UK is far from ‘business as usual’. Currently, the UK is facing an acute shortage of lorry drivers due to the ending of recruitment from the EU, self-employment tax reforms that have intensified the outflow of EU drivers, and a backlog of driving tests caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The logistics industry in the UK is driving the right conversations regarding their most pressing challenges ahead.

How will Brexit impact your logistics?

Factoring in the impact

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How would border delays impact your business?
Make sure your supply chain is resilient enough to cope with border delays.
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Is your supply chain agile enough for Brexit?
Two-thirds of British businesses had their Brexit preparations disrupted by Covid-19.
Less paper work
Do you know how to handle Brexit’s additional paperwork?
EU customs declarations are set to jump from 235m in 2019 to 400m post Brexit.

Strategies to keep up with dynamic retail supply chains

The events of 2020 have been a tipping point for supply chain transformation. Supply Chain 2021 provides a complete guide to strategy transformation for retail supply chains and offers an insight into “Getting Brexit-Ready” as the UK leaves the European Union.

Strategies to keep up with the dynamic retail supply chains

Breeze through Brexit with Maersk on your side

With Maersk on your side, you get an experienced team that’s savvy with everything pertaining to customs clearance across all modes of transport including road, sea and air. Our Maersk Customs Services solution considers every eventuality and prepares you for a hassle-free Brexit compliant operation. Our solutions go beyond transactional clearance, by offering additional support on preference certifications, transit documentation, classification, flow mapping, data analysis and more.

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Experienced and dedicated consultancy team to assist you, step by step
Social connectivity
Tailor-made training by our internal customs experts and external training partners
Communication support for you and your suppliers
Technology and Automation
Border IT infrastructure, Customs Declaration Service (CDS) & customs interface software
We have recruited extensively to strengthen the team and support our customers with their Brexit requirements

We can custom clear all cargo, regardless of the mode or carrier

Pre-Entry Entry Post-Entry Compliance Solutions
Document Collation & Validation
Import & Export Declarations
Compliance Solutions
Classification Services
Classification Assignment & Sense Check
CFSP Simplified Procedures
Tax Reporting & Analysis
Compliance Solutions
Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Product Specific Control Management
Bonded Warehousing Declarations
Post Clearance Reclaims and Repayments
Compliance Solutions
CFSP Authorisation Guidance
Pre Entry Verification
Transit Movement & Border Control
Documentation Retention
Compliance Solutions
AEO Authorisation Guidance

The full impact of Brexit has yet to be realised, leaving many unsure of how it will affect them. Maersk is ready to assist your business, whether you need support keeping your inventory moving, inventory visibility, or flexible storage capacity. Our team is ready to help you with the new customs rules and regulatory requirements to reduce any potential disruptions in your supply chain.

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